Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Seche Plus

My nails are tricky.

I started biting my nails at a very young age, probably around age 5. I only stopped the habit within the past year - meaning my nails have been chewed on the majority of my life. But more on THAT story later, the only part that matters now is the state my nails are in because of that habit.

My nails are very weak. This usually manifests by them being kind of bendy when they get too long. I remember a time when I quit biting my nails for a month and they grew and grew but eventually, my nails just ended up almost folding and bending and breaking. My nails are also dry and flaky from my unbeatable habit of picking off polish.

Because of my nails rather weak state, I look for a basecoat that will strengthen them. I've tried many base coats (more on that later too), but all of the strengthening ones I've tried chip like crazy. However, I quite love the one I currently use as it doesn't chip AND it strengthens. A lovely lady on the RandomActsOfPolish subreddit bought it for me after I told her what sort of nails I had and she said this would work wonders. The base coat I am talking about is Seche Plus.

I had never heard of Seche Plus before, so I didn't know what to expect. It wasn't one of those basecoats people talk on and on about and it wasn't one people say is horrible. Hell, I didn't even know it existed. I didn't really expect for it to be wonderful, but I figured I would give it a shot, considering my discontent with my current basecoat.

Well, I have to say I will probably never use another basecoat again. This is REALLY good at strenthening. As I type, my nails have been unpainted for 2-3 days and they are STILL really strong and not bendy at all. It has made a noticeable difference. I am really hard on my hands (I work building things and my hands get beat up. I also work a shift in my co-op kitchen twice a week which equates to TONS of handwashing) so I'm surprised when anything lasts. My color consistently lasts about 3-5 days before chipping with this basecoat, meaning I can usually get away with only painting my nails twice a week or so. This isn't quite as longlasting as other basecoats I've tried, but it's still pretty damn good. It also takes very little time to try (first nail is always dry after painting the last).

I have two things that I find weird about this basecoat. First off is consistency. Unlike others I've tried, it's not thick like the consistency of other nail polishes. Instead, it's kind of watery and like a thin liquid. Application is fine, it's just...strange. It also smells kind of strange. It's a weird, sort of sweet, almost vanilla scent. I kinda like this about Seche Plus but it is so freaking bizarre.

Overall, I love this basecoat, and I think I will continue to buy it over and over again. I have no intentions of trying any more anytime soon considering how well this one works for me.

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