Thursday, November 29, 2012

Influenster College VoxBox 2012!

When I found out I was qualified for my first VoxBox on Influenster, I was unbearably excited. I've talked about Influenster before on my blog, but for those of you who did not read that post, the short version is that it's a site where you can review products and, in return, they will sometimes send you a box of free shit if you qualify for it so you can test it out and tell them what you think!

Being a college student (Influenster knows this because I have a "badge" saying so), I naturally qualified for the College VoxBox. I was unbearably excited about this - there's few things I love as much as free stuff! Especially stuff that is specifically geared towards my life. The survey I filled out before getting the box had a question asking about what brands of nail polish I use, which only made me more excited. Not only was I getting free stuff - I was getting free nail polish!

The packaging left a bit to be desired. 

Unfortunately, the College VoxBox was one giant disappointment. To be honest, I almost wish I did not qualify it because I'm not sure what to do with most of this shit now. Below are my thoughts on all of the products I got. I will review them on Influenster directly, rather than on here because most are pretty unrelated to this blog.

See my thoughts and what the products are after the jump!

The first product I got were these energy strips things. These are pretty cool, and I'm actually pretty excited about trying them. I'm usually not a huge fan of mint flavored things, but I think I'll give this one a shot! I wonder if they will actually do anything or be effective. These were a great inclusion in the box, and definitely the best item.

Award for second best item is the pen. Let's face it, I'll use the pen. But it's definitely not anything to write home about, and definitely not something I'm super excited about. I's a pen.

It's only downhill from here folks! Next up was this glittery eyeliner. Now, I don't wear makeup so I won't use this. But I like sparkly stuff so if I did, I would be very excited about this. Unfortunately...I don't. So I just have immense apathy. I've decided to keep it and added it to my bag of makeup left over from my days doing theater, but I doubt it'll ever really come up. Ah well. No actual complaints here, it was free. Just apathy.

Next was a rather disgusting product. Necco wafers. I spent all of my childhood dreading the presence of these things in my halloween candy bag, and now they come in disgusting sounding tropical flavors. I really doubt I'll even try these because frankly, they look disgusting. What made it worse was Influenster decided to wrap it up in tissue paper so as I was unwrapping, I got excited about all the possibilities of what could be inside. Nope. Just nasty Necco wafers. Almost as disappointing as ringing the doorbell on halloween and seeing a giant bowl, only to see it filled with Almond Joys and Necco wafers. The one good thing about it is the fact there are banana flavored ones. I fucking LOVE artificial banana, so I will probably actually eat those. Otherwise, the candy just smells weird and I plan on avoiding it and throwing it away.

Lastly, the biggest disappointment of all. I had expectations of getting nail polish in this box, and unfortunately I got these Impress Press on nails. Now, I've been wanting to try Impress nails for a long time. I've heard great things about them and, although I dislike the idea of having fake nails on, I think it would be fun to give them a go. Unfortunately, Influenster picked the single ugliest design that probably exists. There is no way I will be trying these now - they are god awful ugly. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone on Reddit who wants them and might be willing  to swap, but there's no way in hell I'm wearing these things.

Overall, this box was a giant disappointment. I will continue to try and get free shit from Influenster considering they have sent out good things in the past. Also it gives me a great opportunity to try out new products and things without the investment. But this box came off more like a cruel joke than a lovely gift of free products to try.

Influenster would like me to remind you that they send me these things for free on the basis that I will review them, try them out, give my thoughts.

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