Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Agro

To be honest, I never paid attention to Agro when looking at the Hunger Games collection as a whole from China Glaze. It just simply did not stand out to me. I've always gone about saying I dislike green, so there was really no reason for me to pay attention to it.

I started to pay attention when someone I watch on Youtube said it was one of her favorite polishes for fall. Immediately, I googled swatches and I was still a little underwhelmed. Nothing was particularly exciting about Agro, there was nothing to write home about. It was just a sorta metallic-y green, what was the big deal?

Well, lately I've been getting into greens in a big way. Especially greens that are metallic-y. I ended up ordering Agro after looking at more swatches of it and deciding not only was it unlike anything else in my collection, it was a pretty cool color and I thought it was definitely worth giving a shot. And you know me - I have such a hard time resisting the Hunger Games collection.

As always, apologies for the state of my hands. 2 coats, natural light.

Well, surprisingly, I really ended up loving this color. It is an absolutely gorgeous green that looks SO GOOD on your nails. I love how it's a little metallic-ish and how vibrant the color is, even though it's dark. There's even a tiny bit of duochrome to the color surprisingly.

Overall, I've been loving these dark green-y gold-y colors and this is no exception. I really like Agro, and I think it's definitely worth trying if it's the kind of color you think would appeal to you!

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